Wednesday, 11 April 2018

OnStage Red Deer

     What a blast OnStage in Red Deer was! I was in the company of some 350 other avid crafters, not to mention the lovely Canada Dale and Donna Griffith! I got to meet and chat with friendly people from all over, and share in our excitement for the new catalogue. I also got to see and play with some of the new catalogue items and make some beautiful cards. Plus this year, I also got to participate as a Display Stamper! What more could a girl ask for, right? (Well except maybe to be able to get my hands on all those new goodies without going bankrupt! LOL)
      I thought I'd share my experience at OnStage this year. I tried to take as much pictures along the way (when I remembered to), and here are some of them!
     Here is a group photo of Cloud 9 Stampers in Red Deer...there were 41 of us that were able to go, isn't that amazing?!? It was so much fun meeting other Cloud 9ers that I only see glimpses of in our group page as most of them are from Edmonton and area while I'm in Calgary. 

     And these are two awesome ladies from Cloud 9 Stampers presenting at OnStage! They were both super fantastic! On the left is our awesome team leader Lynsay Mahon, a very inspiring person and an awesome coach. I wish I lived in Edmonton just so I can attend her team meetings! And on the right is the very lovely Lauren Urbonas. I just met her in person at this event and she is genuinely the sweetest and loveliest person ever! Red Deer attendees were very lucky to have both these lovely ladies, together with the other ladies who presented, do product demos for us!

     Selfie time! During one of the breaks I bumped into Donna and of course I needed to take a selfie with her! She was so awesome. And on the right is a selfie of me and my stampin' buddy Angie DeWolfe! We didn't know each other, we just happened to be sitting next to each other at our table and we just bonded instantly! Don't you just love that?! She is super nice and friendly, another reason to move to Edmonton! LOL. Hopefully we'll cross paths again Angie!

     This is a pic of me and my display board! I had so much fun playing with the goodies that I was sent, it was hard to stop. This picture was taken by Lauren, who very wisely told me that I NEED to have a picture with my board. Good thing I listened to her! We took this picture at the end of the day, so my samples look a bit disheveled but owell, it is what it is. Lucky I even got a picture before taking them down! More on my samples in my next posts, I promise!

     Here's a pic of our anniversary cupcake. What a lovely treat it was, yummy! And why not celebrate the 30th anniversary with a shot?!? I'll go to any business meeting that has shots involved!!! LOL. 
     And lastly, these two...they are just hilarious! Sara and Shelli are just two awesome ladies. I envy their relationship with each other, I wish we all had that! Their love for each other, for their craft, for the business, and for others just really emanates from their words and actions...truly beautiful and inspiring. I am so amazed by all their plans for the future, for helping out various charities, for supporting demos involved in other charitable organizations, for establishing a Service Day! What awesome ideas! 40,000 demos from all over the world...WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! How exciting is that?!?!

     Sadly those are all the pictures I have. Not much I know, but I was too busy having a great time that I forgot to take pics! There's always a next time, right? I am so thankful that I got to experience OnStage again this year, I hope to see you at the next one! Cheers!


  1. How did I miss seeing your display board at OnStage????? Your samples are spectacular. I have the Swirly Circles on my wish list, but now I have to move it to the top. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Hi Gail! Thanks, I had fun creating my samples😊 Too bad we missed each other at OnStage. Have fun!😊